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  Effective Planning 

Strategic planning is a means by which leaders can influence the future, rather than be pummeled by it.  It is a process that works toward two ends: It systematically sets a course of action and it provides a clear picture of where a team has been and where it wants to be.  Strategic planning is a learning journey.

The planning process can be summarized by the nine step roadmap that follows:






1. Planning Prep

Identify key players, gather background data, & set a timetable.


2. Pinpointing a Mission

Reaffirm what your team does and what it wants to become.


3. Mapping Reality

Isolate what is currently working and what isnít: strengths and impediments.

4. Setting Goals

Develop goals (see the section in this handbook on setting goals.)

5. Brainstorming Actions

Discuss how you will achieve your goals.  Put suggested actions in priority order.




6. Writing the Action Plan

Select the best course of action

7. Removing Threats & Maximizing Opportunities

Determine the best way to implement your plan.

8. Identifying Indicators of Success

Determine what will indicate that your actions are working.

9. Monitoring & Adjusting the Plan

Work to keep the plan alive and well.